For Immediate Release: Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Caught Again, Yost Takes Lies to Google Search Ads

CLEVELAND — Dave Yost has been caught lying about his record and claiming credit for other people’s work…again. Just weeks after determined Yost was wrongly claiming to have “convicted” 165 public officials as auditor, Yost has been caught using the false boast in Google search ads for his campaign.

Last month, a analysis debunked the claim made in this ad. The analysis found that Yost or his team could only claim credit for 39 “convictions.” Further, 24 “public officials” claimed by Yost are not public employees or elected officials at all. Perhaps most remarkably, 11 of the cases Yost is claiming credit for were traced by to Yost’s opponent, Steve Dettelbach!

TODAY, Dettelbach for Ohio campaign spokesperson Liz Doherty released the following statement regarding Yost’s lies:

“Last month, Yost blamed social media character limits for his lies. Now that he’s been caught again, what’s his excuse?

“It’s pathetic. Pretend prosecutor Dave Yost continues to lie to Ohio voters about his record. How can Ohioans trust someone who can’t tell the truth to be the state’s top law enforcement officer?

“These continued lies show Yost is running scared. He is a career politician who has been exposed for putting donors and friends ahead of the law. He has no record to run on, so he is making one up. He is truly earning the nickname Frauditor Yost.”

Key excerpts from the piece follow:

“While campaign materials refer to ‘convictions secured’ or ‘Yost’s convictions,’ the auditor’s office rarely files charges or prosecutes cases.”

“Of the 165 convictions counted by Yost, only 39 were prosecuted by an attorney from Yost’s office.”

“…24 were not public employees or elected officials…”

“Notably, 11 convictions were prosecuted under Steve Dettelbach, Yost’s Democratic challenger in November’s election, a former U.S. attorney.”


Cleveland.comCan Ohio Auditor Dave Yost take credit for 165 convictions of public officials?


Steve Dettelbach, the Democratic candidate for Ohio Attorney General, is a former United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio and career federal prosecutor.