For Immediate Release: July 3, 2018

DeWine, Yost Can’t Get Their Stories Straight on ECOT

CLEVELAND — Yesterday, Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office claimed the ECOT case fell “out of the AG’s jurisdiction,” even though DeWine has often aggressively invaded local cases for years. Today, the office claims that DeWine has “consistently stated that our office will aggressively pursue collections actions against ECOT.” Which is it?

Steve Dettelbach released the following statement:

“Attorney General Mike DeWine isn’t fooling anyone and he certainly isn’t fooling voters. For years, when it has not involved his major donors and when the Clague lights have been on, DeWine has run all over this state and expansively interpreted his ‘jurisdiction’ as Attorney General. Now, all of a sudden with ECOT, DeWine IS getting shy? The only thing consistent here is that ducking and diving from holding ECOT accountable has been a trend in the Statehouse for years now.

“DeWine and Auditor of State Dave Yost just can’t seem to get their story straight on ECOT. This is a coordinated and grand example of political posturing and scheming in an election year at the expense of hundreds of millions of dollars that taxpayers paid to educate children.

“In fact, it is almost like DeWine took a page out of Frauditor Yost’s book – who, as Auditor, had the responsibility of checking ECOT’s bills, but instead, took their cash in the middle of his investigation into allegations of attendance fraud at the e-school and signed off on their audit without requiring attendance records. Ohio taxpayers deserve more than someone who accepts campaign checks with one hand and signs audits and gives awards to fraudsters with the other.

“Time for change in our Statehouse. Time to elect officeholders with the grit to hold even the most powerful accountable, whether or not there are donors involved and whether or not it is an election year.”


Steve Dettelbach, the Democratic candidate for Ohio Attorney General, is a former United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio and career federal prosecutor.