For Immediate Release: Monday, August 6, 2018

From ECOT to Big Pharma, Yost Goes to Bat for Big Donors

CLEVELAND — TODAY, the Dettelbach for Ohio campaign called out Auditor of State Dave Yost for once again choosing to help his donors at the expense of Ohio.

“The one thing Ohioans can count on from Dave Yost is that he will always look out for the special interests bankrolling his campaign,” said Dettelbach for Ohio Campaign Manager Ian Moskowitz, “It’s been over a year since Dave Yost ignored calls to recuse himself from the ECOT scandal. Since then, Yost botched a second whistleblower tip likely allowing the trail of evidence to grow cold. Now he’s doing the bidding of the big drug companies being sued by Ohio by spreading lies with the money they’ve put in his pocket.”

Moskowitz continued,
 “This is all part of a disturbing pattern of Yost putting his donors first. Yost didn’t put taxpayers before Bill Lager, and history shows he won’t put Ohio ahead of the opioid industry that is funding his campaign.

“Unlike Yost, our campaign has refused contributions from big drug companies. We need to break the cycle of corruption in our Statehouse and replace career politicians with tough, committed leaders like Steve Dettelbach who the people of Ohio can trust to tackle the most difficult challenges.”


Steve Dettelbach, the Democratic candidate for Ohio Attorney General, is a former United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio and career federal prosecutor.