Friday July 6, 2018

Will Dave Yost Stand with Victims or His Colleague Jim Jordan?

CLEVELAND — As reports of sexual abuse scandals involving student athletes continue to shock the nation, Congressman Jim Jordan faces allegations, which he denies, that while he was an Assistant Coach at The Ohio State University, he knew a team doctor was sexually abusing wrestlers.

Steve Dettelbach raised the following questions in response to this news:

 “The allegations against The Ohio State University wrestling physician are shocking and we have to get to the bottom of it. That means getting to the bottom of why Jim Jordan appears to have ignored this horrifying abuse for so long and even worse — he denied he knew anything about it, despite multiple victims coming forward. But just as important, Ohioans deserve to know where the people who want to lead this state and oversee this investigation stand.”

 “Let me be 100 percent clear — as a career prosecutor I know that when multiple victims and witnesses come forward and report a shocking pattern of abuse, you need to listen to them. And they need to know that they can get justice.”

“So where does Auditor Dave Yost stand? Will he stand with the multiple victims who have come forward? Will he stay silent? Or, will he toe the party line alongside Donald Trump, who dismissed victims and issued a full-throated statement backing Jordan before even seeing the results of the investigation? There is no excuse for silence in the face of abuse, or cover-ups to protect political friends.”

“Ohioans deserve an Attorney General who makes tough choices and does the right thing regardless of politics. That means taking victims seriously. We don’t throw around desperate cover-ups in an attempt to further a career and evade accepting responsibility for hurting people and breaking the law.”