Thursday, October 25, 2018



Video Highlights High Praise From Senator Portman, AG DeWine

STATEWIDE — Today, in response to Dave Yost’s lie-filled TV ad, ridden with claims the Columbus Dispatch described as ‘dubious’ with one particular ‘whopper,’ Dettelbach for Ohio released a new video. The video showcases high praise from leading Republican United States Senator Portman and Attorney General DeWine on Steve’s record of keeping Ohioans safe as the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio.

We are now in partisan election season and the Ohio Republicans featured in this video are supporting Yost in the AG race, but before the campaign both Senator Portman and AG DeWine worked with Dettelbach in joint efforts to protect Ohioans. As the video reveals, both had glowing praise for Dettelbach’s record as a prosecutor.

Senator Portman and AG DeWine’s statements directly refute the claims, made without citations, in Yost’s false ad. Their statements commend Steve’s extensive and effective work on cracking down on public corruption, fighting the opioid crisis, leading the fight on human trafficking, convicting violent criminals, and standing on the front lines to protect Ohio.

Try as he might to hurl around unsubstantiated falsehoods about Steve Dettelbach’s record, Yost can’t deny the truth. For years and years, Dettelbach was publicly heralded as one the nation’s most effective career prosecutors and United States Attorneys, as evidenced by the glowing reviews featured in this video. Senator Portman also recognized Dettelbach in the United States Senate for his work alongside ICE and the FBI in prosecuting the human trafficking case in Marion County, where smugglers went to jail for trafficking teens to an egg farm.

One thing not mentioned in the video? Based on Dettelbach’s record and decades of experience, Yost invited Dettelbach to his annual Auditor’s seminar on public corruption — as the keynote speaker.




The video is cut from public speeches each elected official delivered regarding Dettelbach’s tenure as US Attorney. The video does not indicate endorsements, and was shown at a private event that did not use the resources of the US Attorney’s office.

  • Full-length transcripts of the speeches are available here.


Ohio Republicans agree. As U.S. Attorney, Steve Dettelbach had your back.

United States Senator Portman:

“Steve, you have not hesitated to take on tough, controversial, and impactful cases during your time as U.S. Attorney”

Attorney General Mike DeWine:

“The Northern District of Ohio has been well served with you at the helm.”

United States Senator Portman:

“Your efforts have helped reduce corruption and convict dangerous criminals threatening our young people, the safety of our communities, as well as our country’s national security.”

Attorney General Mike DeWine:

“Together we worked for justice. We worked to make Ohioans safer…

United States Senator Portman:

“…on a whole range of issues, including human trafficking, heroin abuse, or giving people returning home from prison a second chance, you’ve worked to not only prosecute crime but to come up with solutions to prevent crime.”

Attorney General Mike DeWine:

“And the people we serve are better for it.”