March 8, 2018

Ohio’s Labor Federation Endorses Steve Dettelbach for Ohio Attorney General

CLEVELAND — The Ohio AFL-CIO and their 600,000 members from across the state announced this week their endorsement of Steve Dettelbach in his campaign for Ohio Attorney General.

“Ohio’s Labor Federation is proud to support Steve Dettelbach for Ohio Attorney General. As a U.S. Attorney and federal prosecutor Steve has proven that he will stand up for working families, protect our rights, and hold the powerful accountable,” said Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim Burga. “Steve will work with law enforcement to keep us safe and crack down on corporations that cheat its employees and Ohio’s taxpayers.”

As U.S. Attorney and a career federal prosecutor, Dettelbach fought to protect workers and hold the powerful accountable. Dettelbach enforced fair wage laws, took on companies that flouted workplace safety, prosecuted one of the most high-profile human trafficking cases in U.S. history and took a hard stand against those who abuse and dehumanize their workers.

“Career politicians in Columbus and Washington have helped rig the rules in favor of the wealthy and powerful, and working Ohioans are paying a steep price.” said Steve Dettelbach. “As Attorney General, I’ll make sure no one is above the law so we can level the playing field for working Ohioans. I’m honored to receive the endorsement of the Ohio AFL-CIO, and I’m proud to stand with working Ohioans as we take on that fight.”


Steve Dettelbach, the Democratic candidate for Ohio Attorney General, is a former United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio and career federal prosecutor.