Friday, November 2, 2018


Dettelbach Joins With Rep. Fedor, Education Leaders to Discuss Toledo Public Schools’ Motion to Intervene in State’s Lawsuit Against ECOT

TOLEDO — Today, Steve Dettelbach, Democratic nominee for Attorney General and Representative Teresa Fedor held a press conference with public officials and local school leaders in response to the Toledo Public School District’s motion to intervene in the state’s case against the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT).

Participants discussed the local impacts of the current Statehouse leadership’s failure to hold ECOT accountable for massive taxpayer theft. They also underscored the importance of electing Steve Dettelbach to the Attorney General’s office to get to work in cleaning up this mess by holding those at fault accountable.

Steve Dettelbach said, “The guys in Columbus aren’t going to have Toledo’s back. They’ve made that clear with the ECOT scandal. I will make sure to have the backs of taxpayers and students in Toledo and across the state. I’ve discovered in my years as a prosecutor that if someone robs a bank — if they think the worst thing that can happen to them is that they’ll have to give the money back, they’re going to keep robbing banks! When I’m the Attorney General of Ohio, I’ll partner with local prosecutors to open a criminal investigation into ECOT to make sure people who intentionally steal and harm our kids are held accountable.”

Representative Fedor, Ohio House of Representatives (D-45) and Candidate for Ohio Senate (D-11), said, “The Toledo Public Schools resolution speaks to the vote of no confidence in Attorney General DeWine, and the failure of Auditor Yost to hold ECOT accountable. The state’s lawsuit against ECOT is so critical. Toledo schools are absolutely right to intervene in this case to fight for our children.

“You need to know who’s got your back. Steve Dettelbach has got your back. He won’t be dragging his feet when there’s even a sniff of corruption in the air. I’ve worked with him for over 10 years in the fight against human trafficking as well. He will follow through for taxpayers and children. We need Steve Dettelbach in the Attorney General’s office.”


Steve Dettelbach, Representative Fedor, Polly Taylor Gerken, Stephanie Eichenberg, Lisa Sobecki, Dan Greenberg, and Dr. Annette Shine gather in Toledo to discuss ECOT impacts on local schools and Toledo Public School’s motion to intervene in state lawsuit against ECOT.

Polly Taylor Gerken, President, Toledo Public Schools Board of Education, said, “Current leadership has failed a whole generation of students while they were stealing ECOT money. This lawsuit will help recover some of the money, but the real loss is these kids’ failed educations. That is the part that really breaks my heart. I’m looking forward to new leadership in the AG office that we are about to transition to with the election of Steve Dettelbach this Tuesday.”

Stephanie Eichenberg, Vice President, Toledo Public Schools Board of Education said, “We have a responsibility to our students. When we think about what that $9 million lost from ECOT could have done for our students…that money could have been used to help students. Instead, we were paying money to a corporate entity [ECOT] that wasn’t even providing a service. With this change of leadership in the Attorney General office, we’ll see leaders like Steve Dettelbach dig in and enact real change for our kids.”

Lisa Sobecki, Candidate for Ohio House of Representatives (D-45), said, “Leaders have been failing our students. It’s not just at election time that this has been made clear. People have continued to fail our students. We desperately need change. If you want change, you vote on November 6th. We need a change and the way to make it happen is by electing leaders like Steve Dettelbach.”

Dan Greenberg, Sylvania Education Association (OEA Affiliate), said, “Let me be clear—the failure of our current leadership to hold ECOT accountable has impacted schools across the state. Teachers in the trenches knew ECOT wasn’t doing right by the people of Ohio. No one in Columbus did anything about it. We need people like Steve Dettelbach in office to make sure charter schools are held accountable and people are looking out for our students.”

Dr. Annette Shine, Candidate for Ohio Board of Education, said, “The failed audits and the lack of leadership we’ve seen in the ECOT scandal has hurt our kids. We need leaders who look out for both taxpayers and for our children. We need aggressive and attentive oversight from the state school board. The time for change is now. Part of creating that change is by electing an AG committed to fighting for children and taxpayers. We owe as much to our kids.”