For Immediate Release: Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Dettelbach Unveils ETHICS Plan to Clean Up Columbus and End Statehouse Culture that Caused ECOT Scandal

CLEVELAND — Democratic Candidate for Ohio Attorney General Steve Dettelbach released his ETHICS plan to clean up Columbus and fix the broken system in Ohio’s Statehouse. Promising a top to bottom review of Ohio ethics, anti-corruption and transparency laws, Dettelbach said that the aim of the plan, and one of the key reasons he is running for Attorney General, is to fix a broken system in Ohio’s Statehouse — addressing a culture that allowed issues like the ECOT scandal to occur.

Dettelbach’s plan will strengthen penalties for bribery, and create new rules to prevent another ECOT by exposing conflicts of interest and stopping politicians from unfairly tipping the scales in favor of their special interest backers.

“I have spent decades fighting against corruption as a federal prosecutor, and I have never seen a more broken system than we have in our own Statehouse right now,” said Steve Dettelbach. “Connected donors like ECOT get away with tens of millions, while the politicians who are supposed to stop them cash their checks and look the other way. Meanwhile taxpayers get ripped off and students and teachers lose their school.”

Steve’s ETHICS Plan to Clean Up Columbus would:
  • Increase penalties for corruption including politicians who take bribes.
  • Empower the Ohio Ethics Commission to stop senior officials from engaging in conflicts of interests.
  • Shine new light on the web of connections between special interests and politicians
  • Put in place new protections for witnesses who come forward and expose corruption.
  • Ban gifts in the Attorney General’s office.
  • Bring together experts from law enforcement and elsewhere to recommend more reforms.
  • Bring more transparency to redistricting.
  • “My plan will use tough new ethics and anti-corruption reforms to begin to clean up Columbus. It will give law enforcement, prosecutors and the public the tools they need to crack down on corruption and expose politicians who hide conflicts of interest in order to create different rules for their special interest backers. We’ve got to clean up Columbus, and the tough steps I’m announcing today are just the start.”

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