Sunday, October 28, 2018


CLEVELAND — Dettelbach for Ohio hit the ground running this week with the Attorney General debate in Cleveland on Monday and has since continued to pick up even more steam. Despite the desperate attempts of Dave Yost and the shady organizations backing his campaign to throw around lies to undermine Steve Dettelbach’s record as a federal prosecutor, Dettelbach for Ohio is only gaining speed as Election Day nears in just NINE days. For right now, here’s a look at the last seven.

SUNDAY, October 21st

  • Washington Post took Dave Yost’s failure to hold ECOT accountable to the national stage. The piece shines a bright light on the ECOT scandal well known across Ohio that was “helped along by the state’s Republicans.”

MONDAY, October 22nd

  • Career prosecutor Steve Dettelbach and typical politician Dave Yost went head to head at the City Club in Cleveland at the #OHAG debate. Missed it? Watch here.

  • Post-debate coverage painted an accurate picture of what went down (Dave Yost scrambling over his culpability in the ECOT scandal, for example). The Columbus Dispatch headline read, “Ohio attorney general candidates trade barbs over corruption, drugs and (of course) ECOT.”

  • tackled a central campaign issue raised in the debate: healthcare. Once again, Dave Yost told Ohio voters what he’ll do to protect 4.8 million Ohioans with pre-existing conditions — exactly nothing. Dettelbach re-stated he’ll make sure Ohio is represented in a Texas court to stand on the front lines to protect those with pre-existing conditions. The Capitol Letter also referred to the exchange between candidates as demonstrative of “the bind the GOP finds itself in on health care.”

  • In its debate coverage, The Blade also focused on ECOT as a major disqualifying factor for Dave Yost, including a quote from Steve that is pretty tough to argue with: “You can’t take money from somebody while you’re investigating them. You just can’t.”

TUESDAY, October 23rd

  • FiveThirtyEight determined that career prosecutor and “all-star candidate” Steve Dettelbach has the edge in the Ohio Attorney General race — both the “financial edge” and “more credibility” on fighting corruption.

WEDNESDAY, October 24th

  • Even though Dave Yost declined the invitation, Steve went on WOSU’s All Sides with Ann Fisher to talk the ins and outs of the Ohio Attorney General race. Listen to the full segment here.

  • Dave Yost’s failing campaign reached a new low with an attack ad on Steve based on claims that the Columbus Dispatch referred to as “dubious, with one whopper.

THURSDAY, October 25th

  • The Ohio Democratic party released the second installment in a video series highlighting Steve’s track record of fighting to make sure Ohio is a place where the civil rights and liberties of all Ohioans are upheld: “United.” The video focuses on one case in particular, when Steve, then U.S. Attorney of the Northern District of Ohio, prosecuted a Conneaut man for a hate crime for trying to burn down a predominantly black church. In March 2011, Steve announced that the man was sentenced to 51 months in prison.

  • Steve joined with Rich Cordray on a press call to send the message loud and clear that Ohio will be represented in the ongoing lawsuit in Texas to preserve the ACA and protect nearly 5 million Ohioans with pre-existing conditions. Statehouse News Bureau summarized it effectively with the headline, “Democrat Running For Ohio AG Promises Fight For Health Care Law On First Day In Office.”

  • In response to Dave Yost’s lie-filled ad, Dettelbach for Ohio pushed out a new video that showcases high praise from leading Republican United States Senator Portman and Attorney General DeWine on Steve’s record of keeping Ohioans safe as the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio.

FRIDAY, October 26th

  • The Elyria Chronicle-Telegram announced its endorsement of Steve in the AG race, citing his established record as a federal prosecutor of holding both Democrats and Republicans accountable and joining with the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Akron Beacon Journal editorial boards in finding Dave Yost’s role in the ECOT scandal as a disqualifying and deal-breaking factor.

  • Steve outraised his opponent yet again. Dettelbach for Ohio filed a pre-general election report showing the campaign raised over $830,000 this period, upping the campaign’s total to $6.4 million raised for the cycle and over $2.6 million in cash-on-hand. In addition, Steve received over 4,500 individual contributions — more than ten times the amount of contributions given to Yost.

SATURDAY, October 27th

  • Dettelbach for Ohio hit the road to finish up the campaign where it all started — in Marietta. Steve made stops in Belmont County, Washington County, and Athens County to talk with voters. He also rolled out a new policy plan geared towards advocating for rural communities, as the culture of corruption in Columbus has led to politicians overlooking the day-to-day legal needs of rural and small town Ohio.

  • WTAP: “Steve Dettelbach, the democratic candidate for Attorney General visited Marietta Saturday afternoon. He spoke with a group of supporters about a number of topics including a new policy plan that lays out how he will advocate for rural Ohio if he is to win the election.”

  • The Times-Leader: “With about 10 days left before Election Day, Dettelbach is touring communities in southeast Ohio and stopped at the Recreation Center in the Purple City. Ted Strickland, former governor of Ohio, joined Dettelbach for the day, adding that he is campaigning for all Democrat candidates.”

Dettelbach for Ohio is deeply saddened by the events in Pittsburgh this weekend. In response to the hateful, anti-semitic terror attack which took place in Pittsburgh on Saturday, Steve publicly denounced the hate via Twitter and with a full statement here.