For Immediate Release: Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Yost Cover Up Continues: Takes Credit for Investigation His Office Read About In Newspaper

This weekend, the official Twitter account of the Ohio Auditor sent a Tweet taking credit for the Ohio Department of Education’s (ODE) crack down on the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT). Tweeting “credit where it is due,” the Auditor’s official account inaccurately suggested that Dave Yost was responsible for determining ECOT was overpaid.

The government-funded Tweet giving Yost “credit” for investigating ECOT has as little basis in reality as ECOT’s bills to the state. In fact, it was ODE, not Yost, who determined ECOT and other e-schools were overpaid.  According to comments made under oath in the ECOT case, Yost’s office did not learn about ODE’s investigation of e-school over-billing until auditors read about it in the newspaper and inquired with ODE about their actions.

Further, just months before ODE started cracking down on e-schools, Yost personally signed a review of ECOT telling Ohio that “all was OK” at the school and its state payments were justified. He even gave ECOT an award for bookkeeping for the third time.

“Now that 12,000 students have lost a school and taxpayers are out tens of millions, Dave Yost is trying to rewrite history and pretend he didn’t actively enable ECOT’s scam by giving them three awards for bookkeeping, and years of clean audits while he was cashing their political contributions,” said Dettelbach for Ohio campaign manager Ian Moskowitz. “As if Yost’s enabling of ECOT wasn’t bad enough, now he’s using government resources to spread campaign lies. It’s just another example of how he’s a career politician who cannot be trusted as Attorney General to put Ohioans over his political allies.”


“[The auditor’s office] had been reading a number of reports within the newspaper about Provost Academy and a couple of other electronic schools that had recently undergone an FTE review by ODE and based upon the results in the newspaper, it seemed as though ODE was in fact auditing attendance or duration of time as opposed to enrollment, annualized enrollment.”  [Testimony of Auditor Marni Carlisle, ECOT vs ODE Transript, Volume IV, Page 36, Lines 4-12]


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